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I am a true left brain-right brain thinker, anchored in the real world with a balance of creativity and analytical realism. I split my working time as a C-level technology executive and strategy professor; I also am an accomplished public speaker. My career passions are leadership, innovation, technology, education and behavioral economics. Local to international, I am always looking for the next challenge to leverage innovation, grow a company/brand and increase value.

I received my MBA from Pepperdine University and Doctor of Business Administration from The University of Manchester (UK). I regularly volunteer my time to help underserved youth learn entrepreneurship.

I live for travel, art/design, food and learning. My lovely wife and a clowder of cats live in Palos Verdes Estates, California, near epic surfing within walking distance.


Most recent experience listed below. For a full CV please go to my [themify_icon icon=”fa-linkedin-square” link=””] LinkedIn profile.

  • 2018-Current


    Bryce Capital (Private Equity for SaaS companies)

  • 2009-Current

    Practitioner Faculty of Strategy

    Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

  • 2012-Current

    Board of Directors

    Auto-Graphics, Inc.

  • 2018

    Chief Operating Officer (Interim)


For a full CV please go to my [themify_icon icon=”fa-linkedin-square” link=””] LinkedIn profile.


  • 2016

    Doctor of Business Administration

    Alliance Manchester Business School, The University of Manchester, England, UK

  • 2005

    Master of Business Administration

    Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, Malibu, CA

  • Bachelor of Science Management

    Pepperdine Graziadio Business School, Malibu, CA

  • 2019

    Executive Certificate in Artificial Intelligence: Implications for Business Strategy

    MIT Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, MA

  • Certificate in Global Enterprise Management: Business in the EU

    Rouen School of Management, France

  • Certificate in Global Enterprise Management: Business in China

    Hong Kong University of Science & Technology

  • Graduate Certificate in Graphic Design & Visual Communications

    University of California, Santa Barbara

+20 Years Experience

Kyle’s vast skills and interests are impressive, none more so than his global business acumen and Mandarin speaking ability! Kyle brought JUXT in to work with an ad agency he was consulting with, and the impact he had the on the firm and its clients was clear and palpable.—Josh Mooney

Kyle’s work as a marketing strategist helped us to refine our focus, message and related tactics. His experience defining market opportunities and working with start-ups is a valuable asset to any firm looking for growth.—Chris Bechtel

The company wanted to find a director who had experience in the software business and understood the dynamics of software and SaaS delivery. So we reached out to Kyle. He has been a really strong member of the board since he joined the company. As president, I have been able to count on Kyle to assist in issues that the company faces relating to sales, administration, production, and at the software level. One advantage is he has also been able to help the company at a much broader board level, helping us develop our future focus and strategy. The combination of understanding the details of software development, operational implementation and delivery and his management experience, has made him a most valued member of the board. We are both pleased and privileged to have him on our board, and hope it will be for a long time to come.—Paul Cope

Kyle is a swiss-army knife of knowledge and skill with execution as a strong-suit and honesty unbridled. In my humble opinion, there are no greater skills when working with lean, highly scalable companies.—Paul Dietzel

Its rare that you meet and get to work with a talented, strategic and creative executive all in one. I have had the sincere pleasure of building Navigate Boomer Media with Kyle’s strategic, marketing and operational counsel. Kyle is responsive, performance-driven and customer-focused. I rely on his expertise, insights and judgement. Our company is stronger because of it. We have become the largest online boomer media and advertising source in the world in a short time. We serve the world’s most demanding clients on a daily basis that include Razorfish, Starcom, Digitas, Mindshare, Carat, General Mills and more.—Nancy Padberg


I’ve been an active public speaker since I was seven years old. In high school and college I competed in speech, finishing 2nd in the nation for extemporaneous speaking (impromptu) at the collegiate level. I currently speak and write regularly on innovation, specifically Innovation Cooking, business strategy, behavioral economics, and entrepreneurship. Please contact me about your speaker needs.


Working with the audience during an OKTA workshop.

Recent speaking engagements:

Checkout online videos I created for two entrepreneurship courses developed for docstoc.

I had the honor of listening to Dr. Kyle Murphy’s speech and experiencing his wealth of knowledge this past weekend at the 2016 OKTA Global Connect Conference. Right from the moment he spoke his first sentence, I was engaged, due to his extremely clear, passionate, and powerful voice. He has the ability to breakdown entrepreneurship into simple concepts, and has a very modern way of explaining concepts. His session provided me with a creative and unique perspective on how to view entrepreneurship, and in a sense, reignited the spark that had always been within me. Dr. Murphy does not segregate himself from the common people due to his success, but rather makes the common people feel very comfortable around him and exudes an aura of confidence and charisma. I would love to be able to get to know him better and will always remember his session throughout my journey and road to success. —OKTA

We invited Dr. Kyle Murphy as a guest speaker to our conference at the Malibu campus of Pepperdine University. His session was placed in the hardest time slot, it was a 9 am on a Saturday, when most of the participants had spent the night working on a group project. We were worried that they would not pay much attention or that some would fall asleep but Dr. Murphy engaged the audience from the beginning and there was a lot of interaction, which immediately turned into a very active session. Even our non-English speaking participants were engaged and showed a lot of interest in the activities proposed by Dr. Murphy. Also, having Dr. Murphy as a judge during our last program added great value to our conference as he provided very important feedback to the participants and they were able to see what an investor looks for at these contests. —OKTA

Dr. Kyle Murphy is an “experience” as well as a speaker. During our Division I Marketing and Business Development meeting, he lead a Strategy Workshop at our Corporate office and made a lasting impact on our team. His ability to open the mind to see different angles and avenues of execution is a gift to those he presents to, and crucial to strategic planning. His combination of exercises and lecture points cultivated more innovative ideas and creative thinking in a 2 hour period than we’ve seen all year. Across all management levels, we gained applicable tools for developing effective strategies to stay relevant in the current environment.  Value-creation, fun, innovative, creative, analytical, and enlightening are a few descriptors that summarizes our experience with Dr. Murphy. We look forward to bringing him back!—Prime Healthcare

The Wood Industry Resource Collaborative hired Kyle to moderate a full day strategic planning meeting in November 2017. The work we did during that meeting under Kyle’s guidance was incredibly valuable, and the “takeaways” that Kyle provided following the meeting have helped to lead our group’s vision and objectives for the 16 months. We were successfully able to move to the next step and are now undertaking an industry-wide marketing campaign. Kyle walked us through understanding our target audience and message, and identifying our purpose, goals and expected outcomes, and next steps. The work we did with him has made the marketing campaign development process significantly easier because we know who we are and what we want to achieve. I strongly recommend Kyle for any organization looking to do the same.—Adria Salvatore








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